Multi-Tenant Organization Hooks Released for Microsoft 365

Microsoft Entra ID's new multi-tenant organization capabilities have reached general availability (GA).

The multitenant organization feature in Microsoft Entra ID and Microsoft 365 enables the creation of a tenant group within an organization. Within this group, each tenant pair is controlled using cross-tenant access settings, which are designed to facilitate B2B collaborations or enable cross-tenant synchronization.

"As your organization evolves, you may need to integrate multiple tenants to facilitate collaboration; for example, your organization may have recently acquired a new company, merged with another company, or restructured with newly formed business units," wrote Microsoft's Joseph Dadzie, in a blog post announcing the general availability. "With disparate identity management systems, it can be costly and complex for admins to manage multiple tenants while ensuring users across tenants have access to resources to collaborate."

The Entra ID multi-tenant organizations, now available with the Microsoft 365 commercial cloud,  will allow users to share applications and engage across tenants using Microsoft Teams and Viva Engage.

Microsoft has outlined how to get up and running with these three steps:  

Multi-tenant organization formations: This is initiated through an invite-and-accept procedure between tenant administrators, establishing a unified organization across multiple directories.
Provision external members: This step ensures users are appropriately added into each other's systems for collaboration. For instance, Microsoft gave the example of an employee from Contoso EMEA can be recognized as an external member within Contoso APAC, and vice versa.
Complete configuration requirements: Depending on the needs, administrators might have to meet specific requirements for Microsoft Teams or Viva Engage to enhance the collaborative and engagement experiences within these platforms.

The licensing for these capabilities requires only one Microsoft Entra ID P1 license per employee per multi-tenant organization.

In other Entra news, Microsoft recently added the organizational branding role for Microsoft Entra ID company branding to GA, which helps to manage user access and permissions in the Company Portal.

In what Microsoft said was a move "to implement Zero Trust network access by enforcing the principle of least privilege for users," the new branding role restricts its permissions specifically to the configuration of Entra ID company branding. This focus significantly enhances security and minimizes the potential attack surface involved in its setup, according to Microsoft.

Once applied, IT will be able to configure the authentication UX via Entra ID Company Branding.

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