ReadyNas & ReadyCLOUD

■ ReadyNAS is your central storage device, which houses your hard drives and all your files. Your files we secure stored in the READYCLOUD and you can Download/Upload files from anywhere.

■ ReadyCLOUD is the service that connects to ReadyNAS, allowing you to access,upload,share stream your content anywhere in the world.

Powerful backup

■ Automatic backup for Pc's

■ Multi-user time machine backup for Mac's

■ Smartphone Photo backup

Sync your PCs with your ReadyNas

■ Turn any folder on your ReadyNas into a sync folder

■ Documents in sync folders will be kept up to date and available from any PC

■ Share synced folders for the ultimate in collaborations

Stream videos and music

■ Stream videos with DLNA orthe Plex app 

■ Stream music with iTunes

Access your files from anywhere

■ Access via smartphone using the ReadyCLOUD mobile app

■ Access via the web from