netgear readyshare setup mac

Netgear Readyshare lets you plug in convenient features through your router’s USB port. It Lets you access and shared devices like hard drives or printers by connecting them to Netgear router. 

Once you complete the Netgear readyshare setup mac, you can connect USB storage devices and share the contents with the other users connected to your network. 

How to set up Netgear readyshare on mac?

In this section, we will be sharing instructions to set up Netgear readyshare on a mac computer. You need a list of following things for netgear readyshare setup mac.

  1. Netgear router
  2. Hard drive/ USB/ printer
  3. USB cable
  4. Mac computer

You can now go through the following steps to complete the Netgear readyshare setup process.

  1. Connect your hard drive to the USB port on the router.
  2. Now, it may take a few minutes before it is ready to start sharing the content or access from the PC.
  3. To access your hard drive from a mac computer, select ‘Go’ and then click on ‘Connect to Server’ 
  4. Now, enter smb://readyshare and click the ‘Connect’ button.
  5. The readyshare is enabled on your mac computer. Now, you can easily access and share files across devices on your network.

Netgear Readyshare Not Working

Are you facing issues with your Netgear readyshare? If your Netgear readyshare not working on a MAC computer, you can try these troubleshooting tips to resolve the issue.

Check the spelling

There is a possibility that you have entered the wrong spelling in the search box. Check the spelling and change if required.

Resolve the network errors

If there is an issue relating to your network, you can reset your router to fix it. After resetting your router, now check if Netgear readyshare is working or not.

Check the compatibility of USB drive

Your USB drive must be compatible with your router. you will face issues, if your USB drive is not compatible enough.

Reconnect the USB

You can reconnect the USB to your mac computer. You need to enter smb://readyshare on the connect to server option.


If you are looking for more details on Netgear readyshare setup mac, you can get in touch with our team of experts. You can call us on our toll-free number to directly talk to our experts and they will help you with Netgear readynas setup failed.

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