Netgear Readycloud PC App

Readycloud is an application that allows you to sync files and view your shares from your device to your ReadyNAS and Netgear Nighthawk products. Netgear Readycloud is a desktop application that is used to discover and setup ReadyNAS storage system in your network. Using Readycloud when you discover ReadyNAS system, you can connect and manage your system from anywhere which has an internet connection.

In the following blog, we will help you to know Readycloud pc app more closely. Readycloud can be downloaded from the Readycloud page. To install the Netgear readycloud pc app, follow the steps we have discussed below:

  • First, you need to download the installation package of readycloud.  
    • Open any web portal, and go to the Readycloud page.
    • In the upper right corner, click on ‘sign in’ option.
    • Now you have to sign in with your ‘MyNetgear’ account details.
    • Then, in the lower-left corner, click on ‘download Readycloud App’.


  • When the download is complete, you have to double-click the installation package.  The setup wizard will display on the screen. Then click on ‘next’.
  • You can see on your screen, the license agreement. Read the agreement carefully and click on ‘I Agree’.  
  • Click on ‘Finish’ when the installation is done.
  • Readycloud will display in your system and the sign in window will appear.
  • By using ‘My Netgear’ account details, sign into the readycloud.           

When you are connected, you will see the list of joined devices. Thus, Netgear readycloud pc app is installed successfully.  

Netgear readycloud desktop app also has some advanced settings which should be used in certain circumstances only. If you need to open the advanced settings you need to follow some basic steps which are described below:

  • First, click on the blue gear in the admin page of the readycloud, to open the setting menu.
  • Then click on ‘settings’. When you are in settings, there are two tabs, General and Network. Click on ‘General’ and you can see
    • ‘Show Desktop notification’: It means it will show the basic notification such as when sync is completed; you can see the notification on your display.
    • ‘Start application on system startup’:  This will start readycloud when your system boots.
    • ‘Language’: You can change the language of your readycloud by clicking on the language button.
    • Also, if you need to know the version information then you can get it at the bottom of the ‘General tab’.


  • When in the second tab i.e. ‘Network’ you will see:
    • ‘Reuse connection method’:  The connection method which was successful earlier, a user will retry the same connection.  Connection method includes a local connection to your device, a direct connection. Or the connection will try to find the best method, which will result in connection delay.  
    • ‘Use Automatic Proxy Detection’: If needed for a network which requires a proxy to connect to the internet, it will automatically detect the proxy settings.
    • ‘Manually Set Proxy Server’: In this, you can connect a manual proxy server for login level and username proxy servers.  

Thus, by the above blog, we hope you will get to know your Netgear Readycloud pc app much more closely. If in case you face any issue you can call us on our toll-free number.