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9 a.m. PDT/12 p.m. EDT, Expert Insight:
The New Reality: How Covid-19 Changed Everything
Perhaps the greatest IT project in history was undertaken on or about March 13, 2020 when then-President Donald J. Trump declared the Covid-19 pandemic to be a national emergency. Suddenly, years of security policy development and implementation was dashed on the rocks as most users were suddenly accessing corporate networks from their home computers across residential internet access with far inferior protections or management.

Now as the success of the vaccine distribution program brings us closer and closer to a return to normal, companies are beginning to assess the damage, and the advantages gained!

Following a market survey by Redmond Intelligence, IT industry veteran Howard M. Cohen takes a look at the current state of play as organizations consider where on the office/home continuum they want to see themselves end up, how they are benefitting from the changes already made, and what other changes they may consider to set what may be a very different course for their future.

Topics will include:
  • Just how disruptive the pandemic really was
  • The role of the cloud in enabling the global mass migration home
  • How the pandemic accelerated some digital transformations and stopped others cold
  • How people have acclimated to virtual, mediated interpersonal communications and conferencing
  • How collaboration has been re-defined, and re-focused during the separation
  • How organizations adjusted their security postures to accommodate the new normal
  • How identity and access management (IAM) has changed to support a far more dispersed user base
10 a.m. PDT/1 p.m. EDT, Best Practices:
Remote Workforce Optimization & Security Best Practices for 2021 and Beyond
11 a.m. PDT/2 p.m. EDT, Top Tools:
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Why Attend?

Everything is different in 2021. But have security, optimization strategies and remote workforce best practices kept up? Do enterprises have a real plan or are they just keeping up with the scramble that was 2020? How will they deal with the mixed workforce going forward?

The editors of and Virtualization & Cloud Review, along with independent experts, will provide expert advice and insight on optimizing and securing your prospect's infrastructure today and preparing and upgrading it for tomorrow.

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