Live! 360 Call for Papers

Now Open - Live! 360 2025 Technical Training Seminars: Call for Papers for 2-Day and 4-Day Hands-on Workshops.

Deadline - July 15, 2025

Submit sessions here:

Live! 360® Technical Seminars are for Enterprise Developers, IT Implementors, IT Decision Makers, IT Security Teams, and Data Professionals looking to explore both current and leading-edge technologies, and to broaden their horizons on what lies ahead in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Our Live! 360 training seminars are in-person, virtual, or both, and offer in-depth hands-on experience and learning over 2 or 4-days

We invite you to submit 2-day & 4-day hands-on workshops in all of these categories, or propose a topic you believe needs to be covered in 2025 and beyond.

Specific topics we are looking to cover:

  • Preparing for, using & managing Java 22
  • Low-code/no-code and Power Apps
  • MS Teams management, provisioning, buying, licensing
  • All things LLM (Mistral vs. Cohere vs. Meta vs. OpenAI vs. everything else)
  • Tour of Cloud AI Platforms (Google, AWS, Azure)
  • Data cleansing/data management for AI adoption
  • Tour of Desktop App Options (Blazor, XAML, .NET MAUI, etc.)
  • Comprehensive Tour of Microsoft Fabric
  • AI & Security: AI-Driven Attacks + AI-Powered Defenses
  • Migrating to Azure VD from Citrix & VMware
  • Comprehensive Tour of VS Copilot
  • Developing w/ accessibility & sustainability in mind
  • These 4 topics are fairly similar; can be a series of 1-Day HOLs for a 4-day event:
    • Red Teaming
    • Chaos Engineering
    • Stress Testing
    • End User Testing Techniques

    Broad Topic Categories:

    • Modern Software Engineering
    • Cloud Computing
    • Database and Analytics
    • Developing for Mobile, Desktop, and Native Clients
    • Visual Studio / .NET
    • Web Client
    • Web Server
    • Microsoft Fabric
    • Power BI
    • Python
    • Large Language Model Technology (OpenAI, Azure Open AI, Amazon Bedrock, etc.)
    • Generative AI and RAG Toolchain
    • Copilot Development
    • Intelligent Applications
    • Machine Learning Algorithms and Libraries
    • Automated Machine Learning (AutoML)
    • Production ML and MLOps
    • Data Visualization
    • Cloud ML Platforms
    • Tools and Platforms
    • Programming
    • ML and Spark
    • Blockchain
    • Quantum Computing
    • Edge Computing
    • GPU Technology
    • Ransomware
    • PowerShell and DevOps
    • Classic Infrastructure
    • Security for IT Pros
    • Digital Trust
    • Cutting Edge AI
    • Azure (Public/Hybrid)
    • Office / Microsoft 365 for the IT Pro
    • Cloud-Native Software Development
    • Power Platform
    • Microosft365

    Submission Guidelines

    Please include the following information with your submission (failure to supply all requested information may limit opportunities for selection):

    • Speaker's Name
    • Speaker's Title
    • Speaker's Company
    • Title of Presentation
    • 300-word Description of Hands-on Workshop
    • 3-5 Bullets, explaining what the attendee will learn from presentation (learning objectives)
    • Speaker's Color Photo (hi-resolution)
    • Speaker's Bio, including previous conference speaking/presentation experience
    • Speakers chosen to present a Live! 360 Events Training Seminar will receive a speaker fee as well as a stipend for travel costs and incidentals (if the seminar is in-person).

    Submit sessions here:

    For questions or to be added to our call for presentations notification list, please contact
    Danielle Potts 
    Sr. Event Manager
    [email protected]  

    For questions regarding exhibit or sponsorship sales, please contact:
    Brent Sutton
    VP, Events
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